AllDebrid or Real Debrid? Which One is Better for Kodi

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When it comes to home entertainment surely Kodi is one of the most popular choices. With Kodi you are given access to a wide variety of choices from movies to TV shows. It can also stream music and photos. It even allow you to play videogames and update on social media. But one of its most notable features is its video streaming and downloading service.

It has a variety of useful addons that can help you stream and download media content anywhere on the internet. And two of the most impressive of these number of add ons are AllDebrid and Real Debrid. Now in this review we are going to compare these two famous Kodi addons and hope to conclude which one really is better for Kodi. But before that let us have a short description of what Kodi is.

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What is Kodi?

   What is Kodi?

Kodi is an open source media software, that allows you to access all forms of  media content, including videos or music. It allows you to run any content on whatever device that you want that includes  your laptop, tablet, TV or phone. You can also use Kodi with your Raspberry Pi. Kodi can work in just about all common known operating system and in a number of devices.

Kodi  has been available since around 2002. Before it was known as the Xbox Media Player. However in around 2003, it was renamed to Xbox Media Center using that name until 2004. Then it was renamed again to Kodi by the XBMC Foundation, the company that works behind it.

AllDebrid vs Real Debrid

AllDebrid  and Real Debrid definitely are the most popular add ons available on Kodi. Currently, Real Debrid is no doubt  the more popular choice for Kodi users between the two by thousands of people availing this service for streaming sites and app. But lately AllDebrid kodi has been garnering  tons of popularity as of date. With this review I hope to be able to compare the two services based on many features and factors such as  their individual price, links, speed, and more. But let me introduce them first.

The Underdog: AllDebrid com Review

AllDebrid com is a premium link generator that caters a number of free trial hosts for you to choose from. If you want to sign-up to their webpage, you will be given access to about  83 file hosting services, get an increase in download speed with the help of their numerous high-speed bandwidth servers. AllDebrid com  is also very much optimized for different kinds of  browsers due to usable plug-ins.

AllDebrid com is provided with SSL so that their users can pass thru firewalls that can potentially  restrict them from entering any website and they also allow their users to download using  SSL. All of their users finished download are encrypted making it impossible for other parties to identify their download. Also one of the good things about using Alldebrid is their they community. You are able to find help and support  in their discussion board if ever you have any inquiries, issues and many other questions.

Using AllDebrid lets you utilize unlimited speed on several  file hosters download even if you don’t have any premium account subscriptions on the said file hosters. All you have to do is copy the links on the form, and AllDebrid will generate a link for you using the full  speed capacity of your own internet connection. Using Alldebrid is very much optimized with Kodi. It can potentially help you in streaming high quality media and contents.

Most of the time, you only can  get access are low quality resolution video streams with other most well known Kodi addons. However with Alldebrid  multi hosters  you can benefit  from super smooth streams up to 1080p high quality resolution.

AllDebrid also have its own extensions on browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox which can generate links in just a single click. AllDebrid also has an available  jDownloader plugin that fuse its  service on the well known file download manager.  All you have to do is paste your links in Jdownloader  then the plug in will automatically generate open links immediately.

AllDebrid ‘s Firefox plug in also lets you stream your movies and media freely on MegaVideo without manipulation. Watching movies and videos using MegaVideo will already be automatically unrestricted throughout  the whole service. Another noteworthy feature of AllDebrid is how it acts as a proxy. Your personal data and IP address will not be disclosed to other parties primarily because the download of video and media will occur on the file hosters itself.

AllDebrid offers a number of tools such as addon for different browsers, streaming, multiple download manager support and torrent file conversion.  Enjoy your downloads at max speed with no limitations at all from different file hosters. Once you buy your AllDebrid account you will get to enjoy the following number of benefits:

  • With over 80 file sharing hosts to download from without the need of a premium account
  • download and convert  directly from Torrent.
  • 190 streaming websites for you to choose from.
  • limitless download
  •  unlimited speed
  • no annoying Ads and pop up
  •  instant download
  •  IP address and personal information are secured and protected

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The More Popular One: Real Debrid

The More Popular One: Real Debrid

Real Debrid is an open downloading service which will reduce buffering for almost all  Kodi add-ons that work for popular media such as TV shows and movies. It is a multi hosting service that  includes many servers that host user files and allow them to buffer at a high speed that makes it easier for the users to stream, download and share big files.

Real Debrid multi hoster cluster these links from its supported hosts which is as many as 56. Hosts included are Filefactory, Big 4 Shared, Data File, Mega, and some other more. These hosts give excellent content which mostly would normally demand you to pay for the streaming service. It simplifies the action of generating these links.

It also lessens the fee that you would normally have to pay to get your hands on such media content. Although Kodi would normally give users plenty of streaming links, nearly all of these links typically have inferior quality because they come from restricted servers. Aside from increasing the quality of streaming on Kodi, Real Debrid also allows you to effortlessly download these media files from the internet. You will also be provided with limitless bandwidth which will let you download a media file with high speeds as possible.

To enhance your media file download it is recommended that you use Internet Download Manager software instead of using your own browser.

  • up to 300 Mbps  download and streaming  speed
  • downloads and streams simultaneously
  • unlimited data traffic
  • HTML 5 streaming capability
  • Ad-free
  • zero waiting time
  • long list of  streams in full HD, HD, and SD quality

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Basic Comparison of AllDebrid and Real Debrid

Basic Comparison of AllDebrid and Real Debrid

Now after a short introduction of these two most well known premium link generators, we can now test which is really the most reliable of the two. Both are file hosting services that operate almost entirely the same. By creating an account or buying premium plans, you are given a key to enter their enormous DB of extremely good quality media data. This is very much significant for people who really desire to take advantage of their streaming tools or gadgets. As of today, the most commonly known is what we called Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k.

The AllDebrid and Real Debrid operates flawlessly on this device also for more well known  apps such as Cinema APK and Kodi. Users may notice time after time that using AllDebrid and Real Debrid  Constantly, account users discover that taking a subscription to and operating Real Debrid or Alldebrid will get rid of  any known buffering concerns they might have experience on other services .

This review will primarily focus on some important points on choosing the best downloader such as the price, number of file host, support, compatibility with VPN and streaming speed.


The prices of AllDebrid and Real Debrid services seem to be very much the same but on the other hand you can see that there are slight differences.

AllDebrid Prices Real Debrid Prices
7 days free Trial 15 days $3.33
30 days        $4.99 30 days $4.44
90 days        $10.99 90 days 9.99
180 days      $18.99 180 days $17.77
300 Days      $29.99 Subscription is only up to 180 days

AllDebrid offers a 1-week trial that you can utilize to make excessive use of prior to buying premium.  However Real Debrid has no free trial. Real Debrid also allows for a 2-weeks (15-days) subscription but it is not available for all AllDebrid users.

When it comes to comparing the prices, both AllDebrid and Real Debrid provide some different choices to assist serve to the account holders needs. More or less the 7-day free trial from AllDebrid is very much commendable as it lets you experience what the service can offer you and later on can help you decide if you are going to buy a premium account and continue subscription. AllDebrid trial is suggested for someone who always has an issue  buffering on some streaming applications like Cinema and Kodi.

Number of File Host Available

  • Real Debrid currently is able to support 51  file hosts including the popular ones such as Uploaded, Openload, TurboBit , FileFactory and RapidGator. While AllDebrid currently supports over 80 file hosting services. This includes the less popular file hosting services as well as the same selection as what Real Debrid has. With this you can see that when it comes to the number of options AllDebrid is on the upper hand. Meaning that with AllDebrid you have the freedom in choosing where to download files or stream media, letting you find what you can not normally find with other file hoster.

VPN Usage

  • When you are streaming media in Movie & TV Show apps, one of the most important things is to use VPN. It is a type of technology that enhances your security and privacy online. When using a  VPN, it connects you to a server run by a VPN service provider with an encrypted connection. It basically means all data that passes through between your personal computer or device and the VPN server is jumbled meaning  no one else can be able to read it. The VPN will encipher your Internet Protocol Address and avert your Internet Service Provider or ISP and other parties from keeping track of your internet activity.
  • VPN services are very much compatible with Real Debrid.  On the other hand AllDebrid never needed a VPN as it already serves as a proxy. The file download and media stream happens on the AllDebrid app itself. This basically means that your IP address and personal information is mainly safe and secure from malicious users because your personal data won’t be available for other parties. This also means that you no longer have to avail VPN services coz AllDebrid address will be the one to be used on your download and streams.

Streaming Speed

  • Both Real Debrid and AllDebrid  can stream your media in up to 300 MBps  speed. Both of these two also offer unlimited bandwidth with premium accounts.

Customer Support

  • Both of these services have the same support system for their customers.  If you have any issue or inquiry you can send a message at their support webpage.

Real Debrid Support

AllDebrid Support

Compatibility with Kodi

With some test done, it shows that Kodi worked very well with both Real Debrid and AllDebrid. Most of the time streaming is always available at 1080p High Definition and in some cases in 4K resolution.


While Real Debrid has the more popular between these two for quite some time now, using AllDebrid has also been garnering plenty of users lately. Even though they have almost similar pricing , in the long run Real Debrid will save you lots of money. But Alldebrid’s 7 day trial is also plausible. I suggest to try it and see for yourself if the service satisfies you then you can proceed to continue the subscription.

Both of these two works greatly for unrestricted streaming, but using AllDebrid has more number of available streaming site and file hoster to download from. AllDebrid and Real Debrid are mostly identical in service and function but I would suggest you to purchase AllDebrid.

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